Jouri Schoemaker
'Be a producer, not a consumer'


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+31 (0) 636301265

Founded Pieter Pot

Host at TU Delft, keynote speaker and pitch trainer at i.a. Unilever, Rabobank, Aon, YES!Delft, Erasmus University

Host at Shell, Techniek Bedrijven,

Keynote speaker and pitch trainer at i.a. Siemens, ING, Rabobank, EBN, Achmea,  Enexis, Mayor of Delft

Host at TEDxDelft Awards

Keynote speaker and pitch trainer at i.a. Rabobank, TNW, Damen, KvK, ING, ABN AMRO, MKB Ondernemerscongres

Winner NK Pitchen

Founded Groens Paradijs, 2nd in 'Beste Zorgidee van Nederland'

Initiated first NK Trefbal

TEDx talk about reducing Food Waste

Start-up mentor at Google

Initiated first NK Risk
Co-founded high tech startup Shake-on 

My dream is inspiring people to act upon ideas, to undertake, to be an entrepreneur in life.


How I try to realize this, is first and foremost to lead by example; being an entrepreneur myself. Not only in business, but in all aspects of life.

I love to share my knowledge and experiences by giving 

keynotes about what the pitch has meant for me as a person and entrepreneur, the ups and downs of building a high-tech start-up and practicing the lean-start-up method.

After winning the NK Pitchen, I developed my own pitch-method with which I now efficiently help entrepreneurs, account managers, marketeers, students, journalists and all other kinds of people, creating a perfect start of a new idea or initiative: the pitch!

I would gladly help you and/or inspire your attendees with a pitch-workshop or keynote about entrepreneurship.

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